Welcome and thanks for visiting. I am a Napa Valley native - born and raised here before the explosion into the world-famous wine-growing region it is now and am still feeling blessed to live in such an amazing and beautiful place. I have tremendous appreciation for our agriculture, weather and of course, the great photo opportunities. The photo above was taken in the late summer in the northern part of the valley at the wondrous Castello di Amorosa, said to be the only authentic medieval (13th-century) Italian Tuscan castle and winery built in America. The castle itself lies just opposite this tiny chapel in the vineyard.

I am a long-time web and graphic designer as well as a photographer (since the days of film) and am now focusing more on photography and print design. Ordering is super easy as I use the e-commerce site, Etsy. If you’re from this area - great! I can deliver - plus, some of my work can be seen around town. And local real estate agents; I do real estate photography also and flyers, postcards, MLS assistance, etc. Check out my Realtor page.

As a side note, I should mention a couple of great sites to visit if you've not visited our beautiful valley or just want further information. Again, thank you for visiting.

Napa's 100 Year Old Wineries