As well as being a graphic designer and photographer these many years, I was also a Realtor in a previous life. I feel that coupled with my design experience, it enables me to better understand agents' special marketing needs and concerns. I offer various packages for photo listings and deliver professionally optimized versions on a flash drive for you to keep. (As a side note: also in a previous life, I was ranked as and Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.)

I also offer printed materials, such as flyers and postcards. In most cases, agents make use of flyers and some still prefer to also have postcards printed out - either to announce a new listing, a sale or just as a promotion strategy. And if assistance is needed in uploading photos to the MLS site, that can be easily arranged.

The flyer/postcard examples are from one individual agent in order to show how a complete set of the printed materials might look with a particular logo and color scheme. As mentioned, different pricing packages are available, as well as the choice to request any or all of the options. Thanks for your interest - I live right here in the valley and am happy to provide you with expert service. Thank you.

Photos, Flyers, Postcards, MLS Assistance

Realtor house photo

Listing Photographs
As most prospective buyers initially shop online for houses, it goes without saying that the right listing photographs are key in helping them get a good view of all the physical aspects of a house - both inside and out. Good photos also need to be optimized for printed marketing materials as well. Please free to contact me for further information.

Realtor Flyer
Flyer photo

Flyers are available in a variety of colors to match your particular logo, company logo just as an individual preference. They are printed on standard size 8.5 x 11 high-quality brochure paper. Perfect for open houses or street-side brochure box. Please free to contact me for further information.

Realtor postcard front
Realtor postcard back

Zillow's Nancy Robbers says, "There are several approaches you can take to real estate marketing — and you have probably considered most of them — but one classic strategy you should still employ is postcard mailings. Despite the numerous technological advancements in communication over the years, some methods stick around for a reason: They work. Postcards are simple to send and can offer an impressive return on your investment if you know how to use them." Please free to contact me for further information.

MLS Assistance
My listing photographs are optimized for displaying clearly both in print and online, and I have a lot of experience in uploading MLS photos to the BAREIS MLS website if assistance is needed. Please free to contact me for further information.